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Oil & Gas Operations

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About Drillconsult

Drillconsult was founded in 1992 by Søren Hartmann, who brings over 35 years of global experience in the oil and gas industry.

The team at Drillconsult comprises seasoned experts with diverse backgrounds, enhanced by a vast network of associates. These professionals are capable of delivering courses across various domains within the Oil & Gas and Energy Industry.

Drillconsult offers both on-site and online training courses and solutions, in addition to consultancy services.


Our Offer

Our training courses are custom-designed to meet the unique needs and operational contexts of our clients. They are continuously updated to incorporate the latest learning methodologies, aiming to maximize knowledge retention and deliver tangible value to participants and their organisations.

Each course strikes a balance between practical experience and theoretical knowledge, ensuring it covers the most current insights in the oil and gas sector.

Our training sessions are led by subject matter experts who have strong engineering foundations and extensive practical experience.

Available Courses

Other courses available by Request:

  •  Drilling Technology I – Gain in-depth knowledge about drilling operations, equipment and challenges

  • Introduction to Deepwater Drilling – Understand deep and ultra-deepwater operations and its challenges

  • Deepwater Drilling Operation I – Acquire a comprehensive understanding of deep and ultra-deepwater operations and equipment used

  • Competence Assessment – Learn to design and conduct company competence assessments

  • Risk Assessment – Learn to design and facilitate efficient risk assessments.

  • OneTeam Mindset – Ensure your team is united in direction to guarantee project success.

  • Drill Well On Paper (DWOP) – Master designing, planning, and facilitating efficient DWOPs, and learn to avoid pitfalls.

  • After Action Review (AAR) – Learn to design, plan, and facilitate efficient AARs, and understand how to avoid pitfalls.

  • Operation Optimization – Discover how to streamline operations by eliminating unnecessary time and cost wastage.

  • Knowledge Sharing – Learn to optimise operation and quality through efficient knowledge sharing at the right time.

  • Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) – Master the PDSA methodology for optimising operations at all levels.

  • Macondo Accident – Understand what went wrong, and how and what lessons can be learned from it.

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